English as a Second Language

Learning to speak, write, and understand the people around you is vital to becoming a part of society.  Being able to shop at the grocery story, get a job, help children with their homework, talk to the teacher, communicate with the doctor about medication and eventually apply for citizenship is why many people seek our assistance. After registering, each student is assigned a private tutor.  The student and tutor will decide on a schedule that works with both parties.  The sessions will allow the student to learn to speak, write and read English.  How long a student receives lessons depends on the student’s goals and how fast the student reaches their goals. 

Interested Students

  • Must be available for weekly tutoring sessions
  • Must be 16 years old or older
  • Must have someone that can speak English at your interview session

How to Register 

To register go to the registration page, download the form and email it to diane@needtosucceed.org.  Once the application is received you will receive a call from a tutor.