Why I Do What I Do


The link above is an article from dmagazine.com that tells the story of an adult woman that struggled to read as a child and because her needs were not met as a child, she became an adult who could not read.  As days turn into months and months into years, elementary school, high school, marriage, then children, it becomes harder to hide the fact that you can’t read.

I’ve never struggled with reading, but I did struggle to learn the Times Table.  I remember the embarrassment of standing until you got the correct answer during drills.  I see the looks in my students faces when they try and fail once again and see the other students surpassing them with leaps and bounds.  I see the look in their parents’ eyes when you tell them that Johnny is really struggling to fit the pieces together and then you hear them say I struggle with reading when I was a child and I still don’t read that well.  My heart bleeds.  What can I do beyond my 9-5 hours as a teacher?  How can I help my students beyond the four walls of the classroom?  Then it hits me LITERATE PARENTS PRODUCE LITERATE CHILDREN.  My mission is to help one child at a time by helping to educate one adult at a time.